Hardware, Software & Modules


The LUPR media player is our flagship product.  The hardware is engineered to withstand the harshness of Africa and the software has a no-nonsense you-only-pay-for-what-you-use-approach.   Most systems are; insofar it is possible, automated.  Yet, in areas where the client has to have control the interface, it is very intuitive and can be learned on the fly.


The main content delivery system is called AWESOMMM
(Automated Web-EcoSystem for Organizing, Moving & Managing Media).  AWESOMMM was built from the ground up to have near-zero intervention when it comes to the installation.  This is to keep implementation cost lower than that of any other product available in the market.


In addition to the durable player and the AWESOMMM content delivery system, there are numerous modules; apps if you wish, for your specific needs.  Be it environmental audio, HD signage, digital menus,   info-kiosks,  training, orientation or learning.  The network at LUPR will have a match for your needs.