Automated Web-EcoSystem for Organizing, Moving and Managing Media is the secret sauce, the driving force, the pièce de résistance and unfortunately I cannot say anymore absent of a NDA.  Sorry.   What I will say is that the development was driven by years of meticulous research and development.  AWESOMMM is the engine that makes sure your media gets where it needs to be.  It monitors the player and reports on issues instantly.  What makes it unique is that it pulls as opposing to pushing.   It sounds weird, but I’ll tip my hand by saying that pulling is what makes it 90% more cost effective.  LUPR & AWESOMMM is per-configured and shipped to work  right out of the box.  That’s right, no more cumbersome and ridiculously expensive installation  and SLA to maintain it.  AWESOMMM takes care of that little headache for you.  You’re welcome 😉